The Stashed was a mirrored response to the ever-moving and grinding world of culture that the youth audience participates in across the world. It began as a digital culture platform, a blog amongst blogs that covered the culture that it's participants were deeply and directly involved in: music, sports, film, sneaker collection, fashion, art, and humor. It was a cross-section of some of the brand's that Translation represents but, more than that, it was a window into the audience that all of those brands yearned to reach out and connect with. What began in digital transformed into a 107 page editorial ode to culture. This was one of the last explorations of the Stashed brand until it began to shift into a new phase and a physical form.

MEDIA  Print / Digital

ROLE  Creative Director
DESIGNERS  Jen Wang, Ana Sanchez, Matthew Mcferrin, Katie Yoder
WRITERS  Kazeem Famuyide, Danielle Howe, Ben Lester, Danitha Jones, Nate Santos, Christian Lavery, Jim Saxa
COPY EDITORS  Zane Miller, David Justice Green
EDITOR  Kazeem Famuyide