Opening up a flagship store in an iconic city of sport, art, and music is an easy task. But to do so and win the hearts, minds, and love of a city? Well that’s a completely different task. Champs came to our team at Translation to dive into the culture pivot points, and the pulse of the city of broad shoulders, to launch and help bring to life the design and architecture of their most ambitious flagship to date - in the heart of the 312.

What was the move? Bring the veins of the city to pump life into the walls, stories, and sounds of the windy city, crafting and curating the entirety of the space by native Chicago artists and the youth of the city. To do this we enlisted the help of high school Art Students to design the interior of the store along with exclusive apparel sets, pairing them with iconic Chicago artists like Hebru Brantley and Joefreshgoods, to be sold the day of the launch. We didn’t just stop at product but leveraged the mentorship and skillsets of each of our artists and influencers to ignite, inspire, and mentor the students as they created these pieces. For the launch day we brought them all in to celebrate the intersection of commerce and culture, and to see their work fly off the shelves and onto the backs of their fellow citizens.

Following the event our proceeds from the sales went directly back to the city, giving back all points to the stars that really deserve to shine in the Chi, and inspiring the next wave of creative entrepreneurs to build, thrive, and give back to the city that raised them.

MEDIA  Experiential /
ROLE  Group Creative Director
AGENCY  Translation

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