Tech Touring is the swiss army knife of motorcycle riding. It is go anywhere, through anything, regardless of the weather or terrain. Designed to meet the rough patches of the journey with its dizzying performance features to keep riders pushing onward to discovery.

Working from the consumer mindset of going the distance on two wheels, from fire roads in Mendocino to the winding sloughs of Mayalsia, we harnessed the campaign as a storytelling device. We set off to showcase those journeys from the viewpoint of those wearing the gear. We tasked riders in South America, Asia, Europe and North America to take our gear and then sent photographers along to document their experiences, presenting it directly to our consumers. The goal: show that no matter where they find themselves Alpinestars gives them all world coverage.

MEDIA  Print / Digital / Retail
ROLE  Creative Direction / Art Direction
AGENCY  Alpinestars