DJ Khaled, one of the hottest celebrities of the moment, started his career as a Champs Store employee slipping his mixtapes inside of shoeboxes as customers made purchases. Today he’s one of the most sought after producer's in the industry today, a Snapchat star and very much still an avid sneaker collector. So when tasked by Champs Sports to bring the concept of "We Know Game" to life, we went to the source of game recognizing game...the King of Keys. Simple, the solution was gifting Khaled his very own Champs Store in his studio in Miami, Champs Sports and finishing it all up with the ultimate platform to reach out to his audience - the We Know Game Show.

We created two episodes one bringing together Khaled with his best friend "Billi," his alter ego with success at the top of mind, and the second episode featuring Antonio Brown and a special guest from the streets of the USA, Hector Montez, a kid who gave the gift of game.

MEDIA  Digital / Social
ROLE  Group Creative Director
AGENCY  Translation

Both episodes proved to be the strongest endeavors in Champs Sports history, receiving the highest viewership and most direct engagement, reaching far beyond the views of any of Champs Sports previous content pieces.