Our third installment of the State Farm Neighborhood Sessions brought us to the home of Dave Matthews Band, in quiet Charlottesville, VA. On May 7, 2016, the band came back home for a spectacular 25th anniversary show in Charlottesville. Our documentary celebrates that anniversary by showcasing the band’s hometown story and sharing their passion for giving back across all aspects of a highly unified and interconnected community.

MEDIA  Broadcast / Social
ROLE  Group Creative Director
AGENCY  Translation

Throughout our full length documentary we were able to show the stories of individuals and organizations who had a direct impact of the history of the Dave Matthews Band. In addition to that community, we dove deeper into the communities of Charlottesville that push forward and inspire its residents, proving that even beyond the cities relationship to the band, the relationships between every organization are unbreakable and unified, especially with the mission of helping to strengthen and provide for its future generations. Some of these stories were broken out in web films that followed the launch of the special, allowing a closer look at the community and the band.

The full SFNS#3 Dave Matthews Band is currently available on tntdrama.com or viewable below.

Beyond highlighting an telling the stories of Charlottesville to life we also created two music videos, "What Would you Say" and "Grey Street." These videos featured the bands performances as well as the community as the core elements that inspired both of the songs.