Hi, I'm Matt Comer. 

I'm a visual tinkerer, searcher of witty-ness to put here, and a creative. 
I have thirteen+ years of experience telling stories through advertising and design that build on culture and subcultural exploration.

Subcultural exploration? That means I like to create work rooted in the culture of the audience. From sports to tech to analog film - the audience is ruled by their own truths and environments that I tap into to bring the work to life.


Creative + Art Direction
Experiential Environments
Comprehensive print campaigns
Branding + Corporate ID
Mentoring and Team Leading
Strategic Buzz Word usage
Awkward Meeting Ice Breaking
Bad (Dad) Joke delivery
Coffee: I drink it black


The gentle art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Analog photography
- Mamiya RZ67 + Kiev 60 TTL
Motorcycles across any and every era
The art of Muay Thai
- the science of the 8 limbs
Korean and Japanese cinema
- Man from Nowhere, Tokyo Story, etc.
The search for the perfect Banh Mi
The not so subtle art of sneaker freaking


Interested in getting to know more about me, found the best banh mi, or simply just want to pick my brain about a project you're working on? Then connect with me below, let's get a cup of coffee, and go from there.

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