Over the years I've had the opportunity to develop various design projects for friends, clients and strangers. Some have made it into production while others fall eternally into the "scorned work" pile. These are the ones that I enjoy, because at the end of the day why not have fun with it.

Only appropriate here: a thank you to Wolfgang and Dorotea, for teaching me that these sheets belong to us...regardless of who's paying you.

NBA 2015 Commemorative Finals Program Covers (envisioned to be doubled as posters)

Do you remember going to the game? How old were you? Still feel the creak of the bleachers? Can you hear the swish? Here's to celebrating memories.

Jeep - Journeys

Sometimes you just want to let a story out into the world. Working with copywriter Zane Miller we did just that. We got in and took the ride...If not now, when, right? Needless to say, these got lost in the wilderness somewhere.


City Lights Books - Lawrence Ferlinghetti 2015 "A Reading..." poster

Developed for one of the greatest American bookstores with words from its founder, one of the greatest American poets. Here's to landmarks.


de/limitation Identity and Print

Crafting stories/visuals to make Cryptosecurity and Data Risk Management sexy...through the lens of Bond's Aston Martin and a Bond villain's hideout.


Identity - Misc. 

Redbull, Rogue Status, DTA, Wiley, Bach, Basic Environment, blah, blah, blah.